Endodontic treatment of birradicular maxillary canine: case report

Admin Dental Press

Issue V10N01 | Year 2020 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 68 to 73

Gabriela Mariana CASTRO-NÚÑEZ, Milton Carlos KUGA, Wilfredo Gustavo ESCALANTE-OTÁROLA

This paper describes an unusual case of right maxillary canine with two roots. This is the fourth finding that has been reported in the literature. A 66-year-old female patient was referred to endodontic treatment in the tooth #13. Clinical evaluation showed that tooth #13 presented no response after the vitality test. Radiographs were taken and revealed that the tooth #13 presented two roots. Then, the patient was submitted to endodontic treatment. This case report is relevant because it describes an atypical anatomical variation, but with possible occurrence in endodontic clinical. For this reason, the dentist needs to have knowledge of the normal anatomy of the teeth to correctly perform the endodontic treatment, as well as to know the possible anatomical variations, and to thoroughly analyze the diagnostic radiography to have an individualized notion of the anatomy of the tooth to be treated.

Endodontics. Root Canal Therapy. Root Canal Obturation.

Castro-Núñez GM, Kuga MC, Escalante-Otárola WG. Endodontic treatment of birradicular maxillary canine: case report. Dental Press Endod. 2020 Jan-Apr;10(1):74-7.

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