Clinical-surgical approach of periapical cyst: Case report

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Issue V10N02 | Year 2020 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 79 to 85

Claudia VAZ, Mariane SARAFIM, Júlio Cézar CHIDOSKI FILHO, Renata BORBA SEGUNDA, Éverton Paulo Silva PINTO, Eduardo Bauml CAMPAGNOLI, Fabrício Rutz da SILVA

Introduction: periapical cysts are classified as inflammatory, odontogenic cysts; periapical lesions are the most common lesions in the oral cavity. These lesions are asymptomatic; radiographically, they present radiolucent, unilocular, well-defined images and they surround the apices of devitalized teeth. To correctly diagnose a periapical cyst it is also necessary to perform a histopathological examination. Methods: the present study describes the clinical case of a twelve year-old female patient who presented an extensive restoration of composite resin and a periapical lesion in tooth No. 16 (approximately 15.2 x 14.6 mm), with the presence of palatine fistula. Based on the clinical and radiographic diagnosis of the periapcal cyst, we first opted for conventional endodontic treatment. After successive changes of intracanal medication (using 2% chlorhexidine gel and calcium hydroxide) the fistula did not regress and thus it was decided to enucleate the lesion; the material was then sent for histopathological examination. Results: after two years follow-up it was possible to verify that the treatment had been effective. Conclusion: a correct diagnosis depends on technical knowledge and clinical experience; it is often necessary to work jointly with several different specialists to solve a case.

Bone cysts. Surgery, oral. Radiology, endodontics, periapical periodontitis.

Vaz C, Sarafim M, Chidoski Filho JC, Borba Segunda R, Pinto EPS, Campagnoli EB, Silva FR. Clinical-surgical approach of periapical cyst: Case report. Dental Press Endod. 2020 May-Aug;10(2):79-85.

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