Human Resources in Odontology

Admin Dental Press

Edition V01N03 | Year 2011 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 3

Carlos Estrela

Any discussion involving quality control in health, especially human resources, should be discussed with caution, since it relates to the formation of an individual with skills to care for a human being. Qualities and guidance of human services must be constantly reassessed. The differences are clearly observed in levels of complexity for individuals seeking a higher education – of those in charge and of necessary content to constitute a good dentist, a distinguished expert, a real master and a wonderful doctor. Examples should be provided to educate the whole person; examples of life, dignity, nature, and not just a human resource to work in the health field.
For some time the educational project had been flagged as a risk factor that could affect the quality of education. Definitely, a good educational project is important to the process. However, the pedagogical project alone, out of prepared people to run it, has the risk of being inefficient. As time passed, many projects were well structured, reformulated, used and canceled. Many changes in the way of life of globalized human were also tried and experienced. The feeling is that life is easier now, more accessible to different strata. However, a profound, effective and fast improvement is urgent in this professional who is being formed.
It is unacceptable to live and accept the lack of rigor in evaluations, at any academic level. It is common to hear that the assessments are complex, but it should be processed as quality control. It is common to witness that there shouldn’t be failures, but there are disqualified individuals being approved to perform procedures that can affect the quality of life of others. It is understood that a group of teachers in some variations are common – such as ages, backgrounds, experiences, skills, personal balance and moral integrity. Some show skills for management, others for teaching, research, extension, etc. It is common on various specialties or parts that form a health profession an overzealous and trends in some areas. One caution that should be taken and the challenge is showing to the leaders, or those who are ahead of the educational process of the institution the need of knowing the set, before determining the way that operators should follow. There are constant mistakes in academic meetings.
It has been pointed out that the Brazilian dentistry is one of the best in the world, and that professionals have differentiated skills. No doubt, the professionals who has represented Brazil internationally, thanks to the efforts, training, dedication to teaching, research and own abilities, has earned their evidence. However, we know that is not the largest number of professionals who have been highlighted, and that, in order to have this statement as true, there must be changes in attitudes, in order to improve, update increasingly, leaving aside personal positions and mediocrities who can still be observed among some teachers. Thanks to the idealism of some colleagues, the value of undergraduate research has caught attention, since the beginning of the career, to the fact that the construction of knowledge is essential, and that science and technology are key targets for the success of human resources to be formed for society.
Therefore, the teaching factory – laboratory of knowledge – deserves to be treasured. The perception is that you need to honestly disclose that human resources are being prepared and that are eligible for the office of health and there is no doubt about this assertion. The change to improve the quality of human resources to be formed involving joint action and not isolated, with effective participation of administrators, teachers, students, support staff, backed by predisposition, exercise, and interest.

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