To research and to publish: Constant challenges

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Edition V02N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 3

Carlos Estrela

Brazil is witnessing a great scientific moment. The vision of self scientific construction, with a value of evidence, valorizes and distinguishes the national research and post-graduation.
The Brazilian research has been well received internationally, which led to the increasing number of citations. These facts have improved the visibility of our researchers, institutes and research laboratories, which favors a higher level of international partnerships and encouragements to keep important new projects.
However, with the increasing volume of research that has been produced, publishing them became another challenge. The specialty journals receive an increasing number of articles each year such a way it is impossible publish all, resulting that many studies correctly outlined don’t represent the real interest. Thus, it becomes natural the anxiety experienced in the whole process of research and publication, which includes the preparation of the study design, the feasibility of the project and its execution and publication. These occur especially when carefully delineated studies are not properly valued.
Thus, new alternatives have been made possible, protecting opportunities to disseminate good researches. The Dental Press Endodontics, in its second year of existence, makes available to researchers, teachers and specialists a new option for submitting their studies. This journal has been wide-read, either nationally or internationally. Proof of this is the English edition of the Dental Press Endodontics which is available for iPad and already totals more than 7,500 download. Countries like the United States, India, China, Japan, Mexico, England, Italy, Spain, Russia and Saudi Arabia have accessed the site from the Apple Store and have downloaded it.
We have been preparing for indexation in the world’s major bases. Starting from this issue this journal will be evaluated by LILACS, BBO, SCOPUS, among others. Our goal, in the near future, is to be approved by the evaluation process of PubMed and achieve international notoriety.
We invite you to submit your work and be part of this story!

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