Care in the development of a scientific text

Admin Dental Press

Edition V02N02 | Year 2012 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 3

Carlos Estrela

Endodontics journals, in every continent, have received an extraordinary amount of research developed by Brazilians. This international visibility and credibility have often been highlighted, as in a recent editorial published in Dental Traumatology (Impressive research development in dental traumatology from Brazil. Dent Traumatol. Aug 2012, 28[4]:255), by its editor-in-chief, Prof. Dr. Lars Andersson. Such an important comment like this reinforces the need for, each time more, enhancing and improving studies developed here.
The search for new therapeutic strategies able to promote diagnosis and treatment alternatives justifies this researches. Starting from a well elaborated project, a clear and relevant hypothesis, a pilot study able to minimize future problems and that indicates the validity and vulnerabilities of the study, the experiment is developed. After obtaining the results, the transcription phase is set, in a way it is well understood, with adequate and legible scientific and literary structure.
Among cares deserving to be remembered, there are: A title describing directly the study content; an introduction covering important information about the topic and possible innovations; a clear hypothesis that evidences a good problem to be solved; a methodology described in details, so that it can be reproduced; a data analysis with appropriate statistical treatment; a logical, organized and informative presentation of the results, avoiding duplication of pictures, graphs and tables; a discussion of methods and results with rich and precise correlations; a clear conclusion seeking to answer the problem formulated. References and scientific text should be strictly in accordance with the standards of the journal. Once the text is ready, it must be read, reread and corrected, as for the scientific aspects and grammar, prior to submission.
An article with good readership scores, besides being methodologically well-structured should bring contributions to the health process.

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