The modern endodontic therapy

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Edition V02N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 3

Gilson Blitzkow Sydney

With the avalanche of new concepts, techniques and materials, the modern endodontic therapy — increasingly modern — suggests a single path to be followed so that one can achieve bigger recognition and distinction in the dental field: Professional updating. To be considered competent, a professional must have both scientific knowledge and technical skills; but it is not enough to give attention to the disease only, it is necessary to understand the patient as a whole. A dignified Endodontics practice involves taking positions and attitudes.
This professional updating occurs by reading periodicals, which aims at preserving science history, pointing results of scientific research and disseminating innovative materials and techniques to allow its clinical applicability. However, certain demands force the authors to publish quality papers in international journals, a fact contested by professionals, considering that the disseminators of knowledge must also have credibility in national periodicals, benefiting the endodontic class. In Brazilian Endodontics, this vehicle is the Dental Press Endodontics journal, which aims to be the responsible for knowledge transfer. Given the difficulties of publishing abroad, it is necessary that our researchers focus on the internal market and direct many of their studies to here, since it is the Brazilian endodontic professionals that subscribe to this dissemination vehicle and this is their demand.
The other way of being updated is to take part in events specific to the Endodontics area. Among these, the NATIONAL CIRCUIT OF ENDODONTICS aims to discuss current issues, important to the clinical practice of Endodontics, with renowned professors. In 2013, in its 5th edition, the event will be in Curitiba/PR – Brazil, from 25th to 27th of April. Seeking for clinical solutions, “The reason why I changed the technique” promises to show that the best option not always is the one proposed by the manufacturer. “Treatment of endodontic infection” with Profs. Helio Pereira Lopes and José Siqueira Jr. will be the main attraction. But “Why failures happen and how to solve them” promises a great debate in the search for solutions and on the various factors involved. We have no doubt that we will witness and take part in important moments for our professional growth. In today’s world, the scientific improvement is more than a fad, it is a must for professional’s survival.
Done. Now you have in your hands the two most important vehicles for your updating. Your patient deserves it!!

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