Perspectives for the therapeutic success

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Edition V03N01 | Year 2013 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 3

Carlos Estrela

The scientific revolution that Endodontics is experiencing is spectacular. Many discoveries boosted the progress, promoting new and important resources which contribute to greater success in the endodontic treatment.
Strategies for navigating in cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) images brought new perspectives to the outcomes and monitoring of endodontic treatment. However, the estimates of success when using CBCT should be reassessed and treatment protocols should be reviewed and, if necessary, redirected. This is because, although the results are still preliminary, endodontic treatments were observed with higher failure rates when analyzed by CBCT than by means of periapical radiographs. However, regarding its radiation dose, cost-effective and proper recommendation, this imaging exam, routinely performed, still needs further and careful discussion.
There is a large number of specialization courses in Brazil, which demands greater care with teaching. For this reason, the adoption and critical monitoring of stricter therapeutic protocols, aiming at improving the quality of endodontic treatment should always be prioritized.
Every scientific progress brings a new challenge. Often, this advance can change a decision, but it must be grounded in effectiveness. This is one of the reasons for permanent updating with scientific knowledge, aiming at the use of a therapeutic protocol that brings greater expectation of successful treatment.

Carlos Estrela

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