Prospect of endodontic success

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Edition V03N02 | Year 2013 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 3

Carlos Estrela

A successful endodontic treatment partially represents a qualitative reward of correctly performed operational procedures.
Endodontic treatment provides innumerable challenges, among which the following may be highlighted: the need for reaching complex inner anatomy, understanding the strategies to control the microbiota of the infected root canal and perceiving treatment outcome on the basis of each individual’s immunologic response. The clinician’s knowledge and psychomotor ability are essential for this process.
When properly used, the new technology available is considered a valuable tool and may influence the quality of endodontic treatment. Some examples include cone beam computed tomography (carried out at different treatment stages) and the use of nickel-titanium rotary instruments during root canal preparation.
Following and valuing the criteria established for each step results in discipline and decreases any potential difficulties. Scientific and technological knowledge as well as psychomotor ability (training), all together, reinforce the need for a professional who is focused and always eager to acquire excellence in endodontic treatment.

Carlos Estrela

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