A great achievement. Just one more step.

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Edition V04N02 | Year 2014 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 16 to 17

Carlos Estrela

“Difficulties increase the nearer we get to the goal.” Goethe
When we decided to embark on the project of developing a periodical that could satisfy the needs of clinicians and researchers, we had many goals in mind — or should we say dreams? — which seemed unattainable at first.
In mid-2010, we sought Dental Press with the urge to make our dreams come true. After a long and pleasant conversation with Dental Press publisher and director Laurindo Furquim, we came up with the title of our so-dreamed journal: Dental Press Endodontics.
Four years have passed since then and here we are taking safe steps towards a promising future. And we have no doubts about that!
The difficulties were many, but every hurdle was overcome in time.
The biggest one was to convince the scientific community — and all profes- sionals — that the journal would last. For having experienced great disap- pointment in the past, many of us were “scalded” and chose to wait. And I do not blame them, as we are all human beings.
However, waiting pays its price and, in our case, investments were high! Lit- tle by little we gained the support of Brazilian and overseas professionals. The journal began to receive a significant amount of submissions, which en- couraged us to pursue new goals.
Indexing in LILACS, BBO, Latindex, EBSCO and ULRICHS was the first step to render the journal visible to researchers and clinicians from all around the world.
But we wanted — we want — more. Our dream was to reach two databases in particular: SCOPUS and PubMed/MEDLINE.
We are proud to announce that the first dream has become true. Dental Press Endodontics is indexed in SCOPUS.
For us to have an idea about the importance of such achievement, we would like to mention a few numbers about SCOPUS.
Additionally, it includes 21,000 periodicals published by 5,000 international publishing houses with daily upgrades.
Along with Google Scholar and Web of Science, it is among the most impor- tant multidisciplinary databases.1
Furthermore, we are proud to point out that Brazil occupies the second posi- tion in worldwide scientific production — as stated by SCOPUS.
Dr. David Normando, in his editorial “The Brazilian dental science” published at Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics, thoroughly portrays Brazilian dental scientific production. According to data provided in 2012, Brazilian scientific production differs from the American one in 20%, only.2 In 2009, this differ- ence was 66%. That certainly is an achievement to celebrate!
Another important accomplishment, which is already part of the present issue, is the addition of DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) to all manuscripts. Thus, all manuscripts published by Dental Press Endodontics can be easily identified on the Internet.
But we will go even further. We need to make our authors visible and, to this end, we will go on aiming at the summit of Everest: PubMed/MEDLINE.
By the end of this year, we will send all necessary documents for evaluation of Dental Press Endodontics.
We are aware many adjustments will be needed, however, for the purpose of making one more dream come true.
To you all who believed and go on believing in this project, my most sincere thanks!

Estrela C. A great achievement. Just one more step. Dental Press Endod. 2014 May-Aug;4(2):16-7. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2178-3713.4.2.016-017.edt.

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