Endodontics challenges: What do we need?

Admin Dental Press

Edition V06N01 | Year 2016 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 4

Marco Antonio Hungaro Duarte E Rodrigo Ricci Vivan

Endodontics has been through great technological evolution, lately. The use of NiTi and its modifications, such as the heat treatment, allowed the development of instruments with great flexibility, which provided greater security and respect to the canal axis, even in the presence of severe curvatures.

Duarte MAH, Vivan RR. Endodontic challenges: what do we need? Dental Press Endod. 2016 Jan-Apr;6(1):3-4. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2545.6.1.003-004.edt

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