Unbounded science

Admin Dental Press

Edition V06N02 | Year 2016 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 3 to 4

Marcus Vinícius Reis Só

This professional and life experience report happened to me 18 months ago, when I woke up with the fixed idea of a new challenge, which was applying for a postdoctoral fellowship and living abroad, far away from all I was surrounded by, such as family, home, university and friends. The project began from choosing a supervisor, a country, a city, a university and a line of research that would encompass a change, something that I could put into practice and apply when I came back to Brazil…

Só MVR. Unbounded science. Dental Press Endod. 2016 May-Aug;6(2):3-4. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2545.6.2.003-004.edt

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