The diagnosis as a determinant in the Endodontic decision

Admin Dental Press

Edition V09N01 | Year 2019 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 5 to 6

Leonardo Rigoldi Bonjardim

“Pain referred to teeth, called odontogenic, is the most common orofacial pain, and its etiology often involves easily identifiable markers, such as caries, periodontitis, pulpitis and tooth trauma. The treatment of these painful conditions is directly associated with the resolution of these diseases and often includes invasive procedures, such as restorations, endodontic treatment or extractions. The elimination of etiologic factors will probably resolve pain, which is, in these cases, secondary, that is, a symptom of something “wrong” with teeth.”…

Bonjardim LR. The diagnosis as a determinant in the Endodontic decision. Dental Press Endod. 2019 Jan-Apr;9(1):5-6. DOI:

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