Analysis of concentration and storage method of sodium hypochlorite solutions in dental offices

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Edition V01N02 | Year 2011 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 40 to 44

Matheus Albino Souza, Charles Da Cunha Pereira, Roberta Müller, Márcio Luiz Fonseca Menin, Doglas Cecchin, Ana Paula Farina

Objective: Evaluate the concentration and storage method of sodium hypochlorite solution in dental offices from Santa Cruz do Sul/RS, Brazil. Methods: Fifty samples of the so- lution were collected, where, by titration, we analyzed the concentration of active chlorine. Besides the collection, a questionnaire was conducted in order to verify the type of packaging and cover that the sodium hypochlorite solution was in, as well as the storage location. Results: Thirty-eight of the 50 samples tested had concentrations below the in- dicated, 3 had active chlorine content above of the information from the professional and only 9 had the indicated concentration. As regards the packaging and the type of cover that hypochlorite solutions were stored, 40 of the 50 samples were stored in milky plastic containers, 6 in amber plastic containers, 3 in transparent plastic containers and 1 in glass bottle. Regarding the type of cover, 46 of the col- lected solutions were found stored in containers with screw cover, and only 4 in packages of pressure cover. Moreover, 43 of the 50 solutions collected were stored in cabinets, 6 in refrigerated environments and 1 was found on the counter next to a stove. Conclusion: The majority of the sodium hy- pochlorite solutions collected and analyzed showed a lower percentage of active chlorine than the informed by the pro- fessional, were stored in milky plastic containers with screw cover and kept at room temperature in cabinets.

Sodium hypochlorite, Titration, Concentration, Storage,

Souza MA, Pereira CC, Müller R, Menin MLF, Cecchin D, Farina AP. Analysis of concentration and storage method of sodium hypochlorite solutions in dental ofices. Dental Press Endod. 2011 July-Sept;1(2):40-4.

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