Apical surgery in complement to the endodontic treatment: Case report

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Edition V01N02 | Year 2011 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 70 to 74

Maria Antonieta Veloso Carvalho De Oliveira, Juliana Soares, Kellen Cristina Mendes Azevedo, João Carlos Gabrielli Biffi, Leandro Carvalho Quirino, Rodrigo Antônio Faria

Introduction: The failure of endodontic treatment may be related primarily to complications arising from the execution of technique, such as the persistence of microorganisms in the canals and iatrogenies. However, even after an endodontic treatment considered technically correct, the persistence of infection may be related to the complexity of the root canal system and extra-radicular factors located within the inflamed periapical tissue. The resolution of failures or accidents in endodontic treatment can be achieved through the retreatment and if necessary, an apical surgery.
Objective: This article describes a case of endodontic treatment followed by apicectomy surgery with retrofilling using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) with a 5 years follow-up.
Conclusion: In view of the clinical case follow-up, we can conclude that in teeth with persistent periapical lesions and fistula, after having undergone an appropriate endodontic treatment, surgical retreatment with retrofilling can be an efficient option in the resolution of the infection and periapical tissue repair.

Root canal treatment, Surgical retreatment, Rootend filling, Retrofilling, MTA,

Oliveira MAVC, Soares J, Azevedo KCM, Bifi JCG, Quirino LC, Faria RA. Apical surgery in complement to the endodontic treatment: Case report. Dental Press Endod. 2011 July-Sept;1(2):70-4.

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