Evaluation of light filter of portable dark chamber and its influence on radiographic image quality

Admin Dental Press

Edition V01N03 | Year 2011 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 45 to 50

Marcos Coelho Santiago, Carolina Dos Santos Guimarães, Márcia Maria Fonseca Da Silveira, Maria Luiza Dos Anjos Pontual, Carlos Estrela, Cleomar Donizeth Rodrigues

Introduction: The Ordinance 453 of the Brazilian Ministry of Health recommends processing intraoral radiographic films in opaque portable dark chamber without display and using the temperature x time method. However, the processing using the visual method in dark chambers with acrylic polymer display is still frequent. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the filtering capacity of four portable dark chamber (Unemol®, VH®, MPG® and a camera without identification) with the capacity of a conventional dark chamber (control) and check its influence on image quality in different radiographic films (Kodak®: DF-58 Ultra-Speed, E-Speed and IP-21 Insight; and Agfa® Dentus M2). Methods: The films were exposed with a step wedge of aluminum and a lead plate and processed in Kodak® solutions ready for use in each portable dark chamber and in the conventional dark chamber (control). The films remained three minutes in the developer and at every minute the films were approximated to the display, simulating the clinical condition, followed by intermediate bath and fixing for six minutes. Photodensitometric assessment was made and the data were analyzed by Mann-Whitney and Kruskal-Wallis tests. Results: The first test showed that in relation to the control group there was no statistically significant differences with the Unemol® chamber when using IP-21 Insight and E-Speed films and the VH® chamber when using IP-21 Insight film. The second test showed a significant statistical difference when comparing one film to each other. Conclusion: This research suggested that the acrylic display increases the base veiling density, jeopardizing the quality of the radiographic image.

Dental radiography, Diagnostic imaging, Radiography,

Santiago MC, Guimarães CS, Silveira MMF, Pontual MLA, Estrela C, Rodrigues CD. Evaluation of light filter of portable dark chamber and its influence on radiographic image quality. Dental Press Endod. 2011 Oct- Dec;1(3):45-50.

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