Uncommon fractures of Gates Glidden bur

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Edition V02N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 42 to 45

Fausto Rodrigo Victorino, Renata Fernandes

Introduction: Gates Glidden bur, used for preparation of cervical and middle root canal has a weak point on its stem, far from the active point where fractures usually occur, which facilitates its removal. Objective: To present a case of Gates Glidden bur fracture near its active portion, an unusual fracture site for this instrument. Clinical case: A 21-years old patient was submitted to endodontic treatment of tooth #37. During preparation of the cervical canal and middle thirds, a fracture occurred in the active tip of the Gates Glidden bur, with its active portion getting trapped in the middle third of the mesial buccal canal. The fractured fragment was removed through the use of a CVDent 1000 (CVDentus) ultrasonic device with a T0S-P1 tip. The fractured bur was removed and the treatment successfully completed. At one year radiographic control, the periapical tissues presented a normal aspect. Conclusion: According to this present case study, it is possible to say that Gates Glidden bur may suffer an unusual fracture, which makes very difficult their removal from root canal; so, it is advisable to follow always the usage recommendations.

Endodontics, Root canal therapy, Fracture zone,

Victorino FR, Fernandes R. Uncommon fractures of Gates Glidden bur. Dental Press Endod. 2012 Jan-Mar;2(1):42-5.

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