Clinical application of Portland cement

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Edition V02N01 | Year 2012 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 59 to 64

Fabiano De Sant’ana Dos Santos

Introduction: Teeth with periapical lesions require special treatment. In this sense, periapical surgery followed by retrograde filling with a biocompatible material and induced tissue repair is indicated. The Portland cement (PC) has all the characteristics of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), indicated for endodontic treatment complex. The PC has no radiopacity, however presents low cost. Objective: To present a clinical case that conducted a periapical surgery followed by retrograde filling sealed by PC. Results: After 40 months, radiographic images suggested repair of periapical lesion and the clinical appearance. Conclusion: Periapical surgery with retrograde filling with PC suggested efficacy. The treatment presented low cost to the patient. The PC is an alternative to make up the arsenal of the endodontist dental materials.

Endodontics, Periapical abscess, Apicoectomy, Retrograde obturation, Dental materials,

Santos FS. Clinical application of Portland cement. Dental Press Endod. 2012 Jan-Mar;2(1):59-64.

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