Assessment of different clinical methods to identify mesiobuccal root canals of maxillary first molars

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Edition V02N02 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 64 to 70

Ana Elise Ramos Colle, Guy Martins Pereira, Bráulio Pasternak Júnior, César Augusto Pereira Oliveira

Objective: The purpose of this study was to compare if the quantity of MB2 root canals found in the maxillary first molars increased when visualized at unaided eye and, posteriorly, with an Operating Microscope (OM). The influence of the operator’s experience to localize the additional root canals was also evaluated.
Methods: One hundred extracted maxillary first molars were evaluated by specialists in Endodontics and students of Endodontics specialization. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) was used to confirm the quantity of root canals present in the mesiobuccal root and this evaluation was taken as gold standard for this research. The agreement level between examiners and CBCT images was evaluated by Cohen’s Kappa Coefficient. Results: There were statically significant differences between specialists (k = 0.234) and students (k = 0.009) when using OM. The best agreement levels were achieved in the student group with Clinical Exam (CE) (k = 0.261) and the specialists with OM (k = 0.234). When the comparison was performed between the dentists there was reasonable agreement between the root canals identification methods: CE (k = 0.275) and OM (k = 0.4245). It was observed in the comparison between the evaluated root canals identification methods that there was moderated significance between specialists (k = 0.558) and students (k = 0.454). Conclusion: The evaluator experience and the OM employment influenced MB2 root canals identification.

Operating microscope, First molar, Cone-beam computed tomography,

Colle AER, Pereira GM, Pasternak Júnior B, Oliveira CAP. Assessment of different clinical methods to identify mesiobuccal root canals of maxillary first molars. Dental Press Endod. 2012 Apr-June;2(2):64-70.

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