Endodontic treatment of three types of dens invaginatus: Report of four cases

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Edition V02N02 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 71 to 79

Jefferson J. C. Marion, Maria L, Mesquita, Thais Mageste Duque, Francisco J, Souza Filho

Dens invaginatus, also known as dens in dens, is a developmental abnormality that presents alterations in the form and volume of teeth, which may affect the crown and root. Its complex anatomy makes endodontic treatment much more difficult to be performed. Four cases of endodontic treatment in teeth with this type of anomaly are presented; one case type I, one case type II and two cases type III, according to Oehlers’ classification. Endodontic treatment only was performed in three of these cases, and endodontic re-treatment and surgical complementation in one case. Long-term proservation of cases 2 and 4 demonstrated periapical repair with apical closure. Case 1 demonstrated total removal of invagination and the formation of an apical mineralized barrier. Proservation for case 3 was not possible because the patient moved away and contact was lost.Although the treatment of teeth with dens invaginatus is complex, it may be successfully performed when supported by correct diagnostic and planning. If necessary it can be complemented with surgical intervention.

Endodontics, Calcium hydroxide, Advanced treatment

Marion JJC, Mesquita ML, Duque TM, Souza Filho FJ. Endodontic treatment of three types of dens invaginatus: Report of four cases. Dental Press Endod. 2012 Apr-June;2(2):71-9.

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