Endodontics-Orthodontics. Orthodontic movement. Periapical repair. Endodontic repair.

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Edition V02N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Endo in Endo | Pages 11 to 14

Alberto Consolaro

The delay period required to start orthodontic movement after endodontic therapy has always raised many questions. This study aimed to reduce these questions, add some considerations into these discussions and suggest a delay period that agrees with the periodontal tissues biology. When the main goals of endodontic treatment are reached, regardless if the tooth presents pulp vitality, pulp necrosis, chronic root lesions or root perforations; 30 days after endodontic treatment, the periodontal tissue is in final repair stages, reorganizing the tissue to restore its physiology and anatomy, even though this process does not occur in such manner, since mineralization is incipient. Orthodontic forces should not biologically interfere with tissue repair, with the pathogenic and virulent microbes involved in pulp necrosis, with chronic periapical lesions and with perforated roots due to endodontic treatment.

Consolaro A. The waiting time for inducing orthodontic movement after endodontic treatment, even with perforations. Dental Press Endod. 2012 Oct-Dec;2(4):11-4.

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