Eugenol influence on the bond strength of intracanal metallic cast posts bonded with resinous cement

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Edition V02N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 26 to 31

Valdemir Junior Da Silva Santos, Heloísa Helena Pinho Veloso, Felipe Cavalcanti Sampaio, Tulio Pessoa De Araújo, Rodivan Braz Da Silva

Objective: To verify the influence of the eugenol on the bond strength of cast intracanal posts using resinous cement. Methods: Root canal shaping of 33 human maxillary central incisors with 15 mm was performed standardizing the apical shaping at #55 file, 1 mm below de apical foramen. The teeth were divided in 3 experimental groups and 1 control. Group I (Control group) was composed by 3 teeth with root canal filling. The experimental groups were composed by 10 teeth each, filled by gutta-percha associated to 3 types of root canal sealers, used according to the group: Group II – epoxy resin based root canal sealer (AH Plus); Group III – calcium hydroxide based root canal sealer (Sealapex); Group IV – zinc oxide and eugenol based root canal sealer (Endofill). After the root canal preparation, 10 mm for the intracanal post, and the cast posts were adjusted and cemented with resinous cement (RelyX ARC). Every specimens were submitted to the mechanical test in the Universal Testing Machine Kratos 5002, at 0,5 mm/min speed and the values of the higher strength needed to dislocate the posts were registered and submitted to statistical analysis by the tests ANOVA and Tukey with 5% significance level. Results: The control group presented mean of 598.05 kgf/cm2, AH Plus 475,43 kgf/cm2, Sealapex 358,03 kgf/cm2 and Endofill 213,70 kgf/cm2. Conclusion: The eugenol influenced the bond strength of intracanal cast posts using resinous cement decreasing tensile resistance.

Dental materials, Endodontics, Intracanal posts, Cementation and bond strength,

Santos VJS, Veloso HHP, Sampaio FC, Araújo TP, Silva RB. Eugenol influence on the bond strength of intracanal metallic cast posts bond- ed with resinous cement. Dental Press Endod. 2012 Oct-Dec;2(4):26-31.

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