Treatment of a lately replanted avulsed permanent tooth: Case report

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Edition V02N04 | Year 2012 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 57 to 64

Jefferson J. C. Marion, Frederico Campos Manhães, Karina Yamada Danilussi, Thaís Mageste Duque

Avulsion after dental trauma is one of the most serious emergencies in the dental offices. Treatment success for this kind of injury lies on explaining to patients and dentists about the prompt management of the avulsed tooth. In the present study it’s emphasized the relationship between the whishes of the patient and his parents and the maintenance of the avulsed tooth in the oral cavity, exerting its esthetic and masticatory functions. Besides the time, other factors such as handling the tooth to be reimplanted, replantation technique, storage medium, endodontic treatment of the reimplanted tooth, intracanal medication and postoperative control contribute to a better prognosis. Dental avulsion usually affects children during their periods of bone growth, thus replantation aims to eliminate esthetic, psychological and social consequences for the patient, and can avoid prosthesis, satisfying patient’s whishes.

Dental avulsion, Dental replantation, Facial traumas,

Marion JJC, Manhães FC, Danilussi KY, Duque TM. Treatment of a lately replanted avulsed permanent tooth: Case report. Dental Press Endod. 2012 Oct-Dec;2(4):57-64.

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