Mandibular first premolar with three canals and two roots: A case report

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Edition V03N03 | Year 2013 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 74 to 77

Daniela Cristina Miyagaki, Aniele Carvalho Lacerda, Doglas Cecchin, Caio Cesar Randi Ferraz

Introduction: The possibility of additional root canals should be considered even in teeth with a low frequency of abnormal root canal anatomy, therefore demanding more attention of the clinician during root canal treatment.
Objective: This article reports a relatively uncommon clinical case of a mandibular first premolar with two roots and three canals which was successfully treated with root canal therapy.
Methods: After initial radiograph, the presence of two roots was detected. Additional care was taken to explore the root canals, confirming the presence of three canals with the aid of a microscope. The root canals were instrumented using a hybrid rotary technique advocated by the School of Dentistry from Piracicaba, and obturated using Sealer 26 and cold lateral compaction.
Conclusion:b> In order to achieve the best possible outcome in root canal treatment it is important to have a good knowledge of the root canal system morphology in addition to appropriately using the diagnostic tools.

Root canal therapy, Root canal preparation, Premolar,

Miyagaki DC, Lacerda AC, Cecchin D, Ferraz CCR. Mandibular first premolar with three canals and two roots: A case report. Dental Press Endod. 2013 Sept-Dec;3(3):74-7.

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