Restorative perspective for endodontically treated teeth: Anatomic post

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Edition V04N01 | Year 2014 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 34 to 45

Maria Geovânia Ferreira, Myrane Cruvinel Nascimento Camapum, Guido Cirilo Ferreira, Marcus Vinícius Perillo, Paula De Carvalho Cardoso, Julio Almeida Silva

Individualized anatomic posts favor adaptation of prefabricated posts to root canal walls and reduce resin cement thickness. Objective: The aim of this study was to report a case of reconstruction of previously endodontically treated teeth by means of an individualized anatomic post. Methods: Replacement of endodontically treated central incisor restorations and previous deficient restorations was reported. Initially, deficient resin composites and the individual cast post of tooth #11 were removed. Root canal was endodontically retreated. The amount of residual dentine walls of the root canal were low after removing the endodontic post. Treatment plan included the use of an anatomic post for tooth #11. Composite resin was applied after anatomic post placement. Root canal was shaped by a glass fiber post and composite resin. Subsequently, crown restoration was completed with composite resin. Conclusion: The technique used to manufacture direct anatomic posts seem to be a good alternative treatment for restoring wide root canals.

Nonvital teeth, Posts, Cores, Dental esthetics,

Ferreira MG, Camapum MCN, Ferreira GC, Perillo MV, Cardoso PC, Silva JA. Restorative perspective for endodontically treated teeth: Anatomic post. Dental Press Endod. 2014 Jan-Apr;4(1):34-45. doi:

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