Reimplantation of two incisors avulsed by trauma. a 10-year follow-up

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Edition V04N01 | Year 2014 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 67 to 70

Antonio Henrique Braitt, Maria Adelaide Bastos Bacelar Costa, Ernani Da Costa Abad, Evaldo Almeida Rodrigues, Carlos Eduardo Da Silveira Bueno

Introduction: Approximately 50% of young people younger than 15 years old are victims of some type of traumatic injury in the orofacial region. Dentoalveolar traumas are among the biggest problems described in the dental literature. The indexes of violence in modern society, traffic accidents and extreme sports contribute to this type of injury. These traumatic episodes occurring in childhood or adolescence may lead to major issues such as psychosomatic disorders in patients, parents or guardians. Objective: To report the clinical history of a 9-year-old patient who sought dental service due to trauma caused to teeth #21 and 22 at hhr home. Methods: The patient was examined and subjected to periapical radiograph, confirming the avulsions. After anesthesia, the area was cleaned with saline solution and the alveolar clots removed. A gauze humidened in saline was used. Teeth were reimplanted and splint with polyester strips attatched with light-curing resin removed after 30 days. Endodontic treatment was conducted with change of calcium hydroxide for 90 days, after which the channels were closed. Results: The patient was clinically and radiographically monitored for 10 years with follow-up radiographs showing the teeth in the alveoli without root resorption. Conclusion: Dental reiplantation is an alternative treatment that should be done whenever possible, even if the prognosis is bad due to the time between the accident and treatment onset.

Tooth avulsion, Endodontics, Traumatology,

Braitt AH, Costa MABB, Abad EC, Rodrigues EA, Bueno CES. Reimplantation of two incisors avulsed by trauma. A 10-year follow-up. Den- tal Press Endod. 2014 Jan-Apr;4(1):67-70. doi:

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