Importance of diagnosing invasive cervical resorption

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Edition V04N02 | Year 2014 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 62 to 68

Marilúcia Zugno Kulczynki, Fernando Zugno Kulczynski, Fernando Antonio Da Silva Rabaldo, Michele Machado Vidor, Mariana Boessio Vizzotto

Root resorption is the loss of dental hard tissues as a re- sult of physiological or pathological clastic activity. Invasive cervical resorption is the clinical term used to describe a pathological form of relatively uncommon, insidious and aggressive resorption of the tooth, which may be asymp- tomatic and often undiagnosed, and occur in any tooth of the permanent dentition. It is usually a casual finding of radiographic routine or initial orthodontic records. This paper reports a case of invasive cervical resorption, and aimsto raise awareness of potential occurrence of this type of lesion and highlight the importance of early diagnosis by dentists, radiologists and orthodontists who are often the first specialists to come across these kinds of images. Treatment will rely on the development of the lesion. In its initial stage, conservative therapy can be applied; while in ad- vanced cases, radical treatment, such as tooth extraction, is the therapy of choice. The severity of the lesion will guide the choice for the best procedure.

Diagnosis, Radiography, Endodontics,

Kulczynki MZ, Kulczynski FZ, Rabaldo FAS, Vidor MM, Vizzotto MB. Importance of diagnosing invasive cervical resorption. Dental Press Endod. 2014 May-Aug;4(2):62-8. DOI:

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