Management of a rare case of class II double dens invaginatus in a maxillary lateral incisor

Admin Dental Press

Edition V04N02 | Year 2014 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 79 to 82

Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal Da Silva, Simone Gomes Oliveira, Alexandre Augusto Zaia

Introduction: Dens invaginatus is a developmental mal- formation resulting from invagination of tooth crown or root before calcification and during odontogenesis. It is a critical condition for which endodontic treatment is essential, as it frequently presents a complex internal anatomy. Double dens invaginatus is an extremely rare condition. Objective: The present study reports a rare case of double dens invaginatus with large periapical lesion. Methods: Non-surgical endodontic treatment was carried out. Results: One year after treatment, clinical examination revealed asymptomatic teeth, while radiograph examination showed healing of the periapical lesion.

Tooth abnormalities, Dens in dente, Root canal treatment,

Silva EJNL, Oliveira SG, Zaia AA. Management of a rare case of Class II double dens invaginatus in a maxillary lateral incisor. Dental Press Endod. 2014 May-Aug;4(2):79-82. DOI:

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