Endodontic retreatment of mandibular second molar with C-shaped canal: case report

Admin Dental Press

Edition V05N01 | Year 2015 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 63 to 67

Rogério Vieira Silva, Renato Piai Pereira, Eduardo Nunes, Bruno Santana Santos

Introduction: Knowing the anatomical complexity of the root canal system along with its variations, especially regarding the number of roots, conducts and curvatures, facilitates understanding of root canal location and negotiation. There might be C-shaped canals resembling a fissure. The number of these canals might range from one to three. Objective: To report a clinical case of endodontic retreatment of a right second mandibular molar, with anatomical variation in its type II C-shape, including diagnosis suggestive of periapical granuloma. Methods: A female Caucasian patient was referred to endodontic evaluation of the right second mandibular molar. Her chief complaint was discrete sensibility at palpation and esthetic dissatisfaction due to metal restorations. Clinical examination revealed a prosthetic piece with marginal percolation and positive response to palpation and percussion vertical test. Radiographic examination revealed poor endodontic treatment and radiolucency at the periapical area suggestive of periapical granuloma. Three sessions were performed, including procedures of removal of metal inlay, clearing of root canals, intracanal medication and root canal filling. Conclusion: The importance of knowing about the anatomical diversity of root canals and providing safe and reliable planning and endodontic prognosis was emphasized. The clinical case reported herein is currently on follow-up, with remission of symptoms and periapical repair being radiographically evaluated.

Endodontics, Root canal filling, Anatomical variation

Silva RV, Pereira RP, Nunes E, Santos BS. Endodontic retreatment of mandibular second molar with C-shaped canal: case report. Dental Press Endod. 2015 Jan-Apr;5(1):63-7. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2178-3713.5.1.063-067.oar

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