Endodontic reintervention with ProTaper Universal Retreatment files: a case report

Admin Dental Press

Edition V06N01 | Year 2016 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 21 to 26

Diesse Moreno Souza, Rogério Vieira Silva, Renato Piai Pereira E Eduardo Nunes

Introduction: Chemical-mechanical preparation enables antisepsis of the root canal system by the action of chemical substances, being crucial for therapeutic success. Endodontic reintervention is grounded on a new treatment approach in which the filling material is completely removed before reinstrumentation, antisepsis and adequate filling when previous treatment fails. Objective: To report a clinical case of endodontic reintervention on a mandibular first molar on the right side by using ProTaper retreatment instruments. Methods: Caucasian male patient was referred to the graduate endodontic clinic of Bahia Dental Association in the city of Vitória da Conquista. Coronal restoration with marginal percolation was revealed by clinical examination. Negative responses to vertical horizontal percussion and palpation were found in the evaluation, including absence of periodontal pocket and soft tissues within the normality range. Radiographic examination showed poor endodontic restoration and periapical rarefying osteitis. Periapical diagnosis was found to be suggestive of periradicular granuloma, thus indicating endodontic reintervention. In the first visit, biomechanical preparation of the root canals, intracanal medication with Ca(OH)2 and double coronal seal with Coltosol and glass ionomer for 21 days were performed. In the second visit, the root canal system was filled. The patient was asymptomatic on clinical and radiographic evaluations after two years within normality range. Conclusions: The proposed treatment was proven to be efficient in combating microorganisms present within the root canals. It was possible to observe the therapeutic success in view of both lesion regression and re-establishment of periapical tissues.

Endodontics, Retreatment, Root canal therapy,

Souza DM, Silva RV, Pereira RP, Nunes E. Endodontic reintervention with ProTaper Universal Retreatment files: a case report. Dental Press Endod. 2016 Jan-Apr;6(1):21-6. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2545.6.1.021-026.cre

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