An unusual maxillary second molar with two palatal root canals: a case report

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Edition V06N01 | Year 2016 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 38 to 42

Humberto Ramah Menezes De Matos, Aldo Angelim-dias, Vanessa Anastácio De Oliveira, Suyane Parente Leite E Wlhadya Kaenny De Freitas Costa

Introduction: Maxillary second molars usually have three root canals. However, this group of teeth has a complex internal anatomy, and sometimes one may encounter morphological variation. Objective: This study reports a case of morphological variation in a maxillary second molar with two palatal root canals in which all canals were treated endodontically. Case report: A healthy 50-yearold male patient arrived at the private dental clinic for endodontic treatment of his maxillary right second molar (#17). The patient reported having undergone an emergency procedure due to pain of pulpal origin. At clinical examination, thermal stimulus to cold, vertical and horizontal percussion and palpation were performed, all of which yielded negative results. Additionally, radiographic examination was taken. Second molar was diagnosed with pulp necrosis without apical periodontitis. To better diagnosis internal morphology, visual examination with surgery was carried out, and a second root canal was found at the distal face. Conclusion: Although variations in the amount of root canals rarely occur in the palatal root, especially in the maxillary second molar region, clinicians should be aware of potential variations.

Molar, Dental pulp cavity, Root canal therapy,

Matos HRM, Angelim-Dias A, Oliveira VA, Leite SP, Costa WKF. An unusual maxillary second molar with two palatal root canals: a case report. Dental Press Endod. 2016 Jan-Apr;6(1):38-42. DOI:

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