External root resorption: root canal treatment is not recommended!

Admin Dental Press

Edition V06N03 | Year 2016 | Editorial Endo in Endo | Pages 7 to 7

Alberto Consolaro, Graziella Bittencourt

This paper aims at providing bases to the reasons why root canals should not be performed in cases of teeth with external resorption. It should be an alternative only for teeth with contamination or pulp necrosis, in order to remove the periapical inflammation induced by microbial products. When dealing with cases of external tooth resorption, one’s conduct must always prioritize the following sequence of steps: first of all, identifying the cause accurately; then, planning the therapeutic approach and, finally, adopting conducts in a very well-founded way. It is impossible to control the resorption process which is taking place in the external part through the pulp, after all, the causes are acting in the periodontal ligament. So far, there has been no evidence that justifies the endodontic treatment, by means of canal, to control the external resorption processes when the pulp shows vitality.

Tooth resorption, Root resorption, External resorptions, Resorptions treatment,

Consolaro A, Bittencourt G. External root resorption: root canal treatment is not recommended Dental Press Endod. 2016 Sept-Dec;6(3):7-11. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/2358-2545.6.3.007-011.end

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