Use of Reciproc® and Wave One® reciprocating systems in endodontics: literature review

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Edition V07N01 | Year 2017 | Editorial Literature Review | Pages 50 to 59

Bruno Carvalho De Sousa, Rayane Martins Tomás Cantilho Castelo

Introduction: Preparation and cleaning of root canals may have their effectiveness affected by factors such as root canal system anatomy and intracanal infection. Root canal shaping is a complex stage of the treatment and requires prudence and caution to be implemented. Single-file reciprocating systems have been recently used in Endodontics for preparation of root canals. The use of such systems should be guided by their performance, taking the following variables into account: less extrusion of debris, better fracture resistance, better cleaning standards, less root canal deviation, and shorter treatment time. Objective: This study aimed at comparing Reciproc ® and Wave One® reciprocating systems by means of a literature review, particularly taking the aforementioned variables into account. Methods: A literature search was conducted Pubmed, Medline, Lilacs and Scopus databases. A total of 5 years of publication were researched, and 25 out of 660 papers found were selected for having met the established criteria. Results: Regarding extrusion of debris via apical foramen, there were no differences between systems evaluated in the studies. Regarding cyclic fatigue resistance and preparation time, Reciproc® system stands out, whereas Wave One® system has greater resistance to torsional fracture. As for root canal deviation and cleaning standard, the systems showed no significant differences. Conclusion: According to the variables proposed in this paper, the reciprocating systems performed favorably when used in both endodontic treatment and retreatment.

Endodontics, Dental instruments, Root canal preparation,

Sousa BC, Castelo RMTC. Use of Reciproc® and Wave One® reciprocating systems in endodontics: literature review. Dental Press Endod. 2017 Jan- Apr;7(1):50-9. DOI:

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