Influence of apical preparation technique on root canal disinfection and shaping: literature review

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Edition V09N01 | Year 2019 | Editorial Literarure Review | Pages 72 to 81

Jefferson José de Carvalho Marion, Edy Carlos de Alencar Soares, Daniel Rodrigo Herrera, Arthur Pimentel Barroso, Maíra Prado, Alexandre Augusto Zaia

Introduction: Endodontic therapy should reduce the microbial load within the root canals, which can be achieved during chemomechanical preparation (CMP). The purpose of CMP of the root canal system (RCS) is to create a favorable environment for healing. CMP associates the mechanical action of instruments with the use of auxiliary chemical substances. There is no consensus among professionals about what should be the diameter of the apical foramen after CMP. This literature review evaluated the efficiency of two apical preparation techniques: foraminal enlargement and apical stop with maintenance of foraminal patency. Material and methods: A literature search was conducted in PubMed, Medline, BBO, Lilacs and Scielo using the following terms: root canal, apical foramen, endodontics, patency file, apical size, master apical file, biomechanical preparation, foraminal enlargement, working length, dental anatomy, endodontic treatment, foraminal patency, root canal preparation, and apical stop. All terms were combined using the Boolean operators AND/OR. After the abstracts were analyzed, 65 full texts were selected and included in this review. Results: The enlargement of the apical third, with or without foraminal enlargement, seems to improve endodontic treatment prognosis due to the reduction of infectious contents throughout the RCS. Foraminal patency is essential for adequateCMP when the apical stop technique is performed. Conclusion: Apical preparations with a greater diameter have more predictable results, and foraminal enlargement ensures better debridement and disinfection of the RCS.

Endodontics, Root Canal Obturation, Tooth Apex,

Marion JJC, Soares ECA, Herrera DR, Barroso AP, Prado M, Zaia AA. Influence of apical preparation technique on root canal disinfection and shaping: literature review. Dental Press Endod. 2019 Jan-Apr;9(1):72-81. DOI:

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