Otosporin reduces pulp inflammatory reactions after dental bleaching of rat molars

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Issue V10N01 | Year 2020 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 54 to 61

Luciana Louzada FERREIRA, Francine BENETTI, Larissa ÁLAMO, Ana Caroline BOSISIO, Ariane Santana de PROENÇA, Vanessa RAHAL, Carla Regina SIPERT, André Luiz Fraga BRISO, Luciano Tavares Angelo CINTRA

Introduction: Patients undergoing dental bleaching relate to postoperative sensitivity, that is linked to hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2 ) penetrating on the dental pulp. This study evaluated the anti-inflammatory effect of ibuprofen, Otosporin®, and curcumin gel on the pulp of the rats’ teeth after bleaching. Methods: Fifty rats were divided into CG: controlplacebo gel; BLE: bleached (35% H2O2, 30 minutes); BLE-I: bleached and ibuprofen oral administration (twice every 12 hours in 2 successive days); BLE-O: bleached followed by Otosporin® application in the molar surfaces (10 minutes); and BLE-C: bleaching session followed curcumin gel (10 minutes). After two days, the rats were killed for histological analysis. Statistical tests were performed (P<.05). Results: BLE, BLE-I, and BLE-C had severe inflammation or necrosis in the occlusal third of coronal pulp (P>.05); BLE-O had mild inflammation and was similar from CG (P>.05) and different from other groups (P<.05). In the middle third, BLE-O group had lower inflammatory infiltration and remained different from BLE group (P<.05); BLE, BLE-I, and BLE-C were similar (P>.05). In the cervical third, BLE, BLE-I, and BLE-C had a reduction of inflammation, without difference between bleached groups (P>.05). Conclusions: Otosporin® can reduce the inflammation in the pulp after dental bleaching; this result was not observed using ibuprofen or curcumin gel. Therefore, this study shows a new teeth bleaching posttreatment possibility using Otosporin®, which minimizes the inflammation generated to the pulp tissue by the bleaching gel. This could consequently minimize the postoperative sensitivity.

Anti-Inflammatory Agents. Hydrogen Peroxide. Dental Pulp. Tooth Bleaching.

Ferreira LL, Benetti F, Álamo L, Bosisio AC, Proença AS, Rahal V, Si-pert CR, Briso ALF, Cintra LTA. Otosporin reduces pulp inflammatory reactions after dental bleaching of rat molars. Dental Press Endod. 2020 Jan-Apr;10(1):54-61.

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