The persistence of different calcium hydroxide paste medications in root canals: an SEM study

Admin Dental Press

Edition V01N01 | Year 2011 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 77 to 81

Hélio Katsuya Onoda, Gerson Hiroshi Yoshinari, Key Fabiano Souza Pereira, Ângela Antonia Sanches Tardivo Delben, Paulo Zárate, Danilo Mathias Zanello Guerisoli

Introduction: There is a possibility of intracanal medication remain in the root canal even after its removal prior to obturation. Objectives: The present study aims to evaluate under scanning electron microscopy the persistence of residues in the root canal from calcium hydroxide medications prepared with different vehicles. Methods: Thirty-six bovine incisors had their crowns removed, the root canals prepared and were assigned randomly to six different experimental groups, according to the intracanal medication used. Group I (control) received no intracanal medication, whereas root canals of Group II were filled with P.A. calcium hydroxide. Group III received a mixture of Ca(OH)2 and saline solution, in Group IV glycerin was used as vehicle, and Groups V and VI received Ca(OH)2 mixed with propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol 400, respectively. After one week, medication was removed, roots were split and the canals observed under the scanning electron microscope. Representative photomicrographs of the apical third of each experimental group were observed and analyzed quantitatively by means of a grid, with results expressed in percentage of canal walls covered by debris. Results: Statistical analysis (one-way ANOVA and Tukey’s post hoc test, α=0.05) revealed significant differences between groups, indicating higher amounts of Ca(OH)2 residues in the canals where propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol were used as vehicles. The dentinal walls of the canals that received pure P.A. calcium hydroxide or its association to glycerin presented amounts of debris similar to the control group. Conclusions: Ca(OH)2 P.A. based medications or its association to glycerin allows an easier removal from the root canal

Calcium hydroxide, Intracanal medication, Vehicles

Onoda HK, Yoshinari GH, Pereira KFS, Delben AAST, Zárate P, Guerisoli DMZ. The persistence of different calcium hydroxide paste medications in root canals: an SEM study. Dental Press Endod. 2011 apr-june;1(1):77-81.

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