Bypassing separated iles in the apical third: A case series using the same technique

Original Article,Endodontics, Dental instruments, Techniques,

V04N03 | 2014 | Original Article | Pages 76 to 80

Ricardo Machado, Eduardo Donato Eing Engelke Back, Luiz Fernando Tomazinho, Emmanuel João Nogueira Leal Silva, Luiz Pascoal Vansan

Endodontics, Dental instruments, Techniques,

Introduction: The incidence of fractured files remains a frequent challenge in Endodontics. Regardless of the type of instrument, its complete removal would be ideal so as to perform better cleaning and shaping. As this is not always possible, bypassing procedures are good alternatives, especially when these files are located in the apical thirds. Objective: The aim of this paper is to report a series of cases detailing the process of bypassing fractured files. Methods: In three cases, a new safe technique is presented for bypassing fractured files in the apical thirds. Results: The new technique was able to bypass the fragments without deviation, perforations or dentin damage. Conclusion: Based on the final results, the new technique proved to have potential to be used safely while avoiding the incidence of accidents during bypassing of fractured instruments in the apical thirds.

Machado R, Back EDEE, Tomazinho LF, Silva EJNL, Vansan LP. Bypassing separated iles in the apical third: A case series using the same technique. Dental Press Endod. 2014 Sept-Dec;4(3):76-80. DOI: //


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