Extensive asymptomatic apical periodontitis repair through endodontic treatment: case report

V08N01 | 2018 | Original Article | Pages 65 to 70

Sérgio Henrique Staut Brunini, Jullyane Pereira Slusarski, Lenise Ruiz Hidalgo, Luiz Fernando Tomazinho, Rafael Delazari Foroni

Apical periodontitis, Endodontics e Root Canal Therapy,

Introduction: Periapical lesions affect non-vital teeth because of infection by microorganisms that remain in the root canal. On radiographs, this type of lesion is a circumscribed radiolucent image in the apical region; it may be large, and dentists may indicate complementary surgery inadvertently. Therefore, clinical cases should demonstrate the possibility of extensive periapical lesion repair after endodontic treatment with intracanal medicaments and no endodontic surgery. Case report: After the collection and interpretation of signs and symptoms and the definition of a diagnosis of asymptomatic apical periodontitis because of a large radiolucent area in the region of tooth #22, coronal flaring was performed, the automated Logic system was used for cleaning and shaping and a calcium hydroxide intracanal medicament was applied and kept in place for 15 days. After that, the root canal was filled using a single gutta-percha cone and endodontic cement (Sealer 26). Radiographs obtained six months after endodontic treatment showed complete periapical lesion repair and confirmed treatment success. Conclusion: Carefully performed endodontic treatment and the application of antimicrobial agents during cleaning and shaping may result in apical repair regardless of lesion size or surgery.

Brunini SHS, Slusarski JP, Hidalgo LR, Tomazinho LF, Foroni RD. Extensive asymptomatic apical periodontitis repair through endodontic treatment: case report. Dental Press Endod. 2018 Jan-Apr;8(1):65-70. DOI: https://doi.org/10.14436/2358-2545.8.1.065-070.oar