Implications of diabetes mellitus in Endodontics

Original Article,Diabetes Mellitus, Diagnosis, Endodontics

V08N02 | 2018 | Original Article | Pages 47 to 52

Aline Thomazelli Peres Tomazoli, Marcos Sérgio Endo, Nair Narumi Orita Pavan

Diabetes Mellitus, Diagnosis, Endodontics

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is the third most prevalent condition in patients with systemically compromised health. In view of the above, the objective of this study was to verify the implications of DM in patients who require endodontic treatment. To this end, an exploratory research was carried out through a literature review of articles published between 2003 and 2016. It can be verified that approximately 3 to 4% of adults who undergo dental treatment are diabetic. These are predisposed to chronic inflammation, progressive tissue degradation and decreased tissue repair, besides having high oral acidity, higher viscosity and reduced salivary flow, which makes them more prone to develop apical periodontitis and tooth loss compared to the non-diabetic. There is also an interrelationship between DM and oral infections, in which the presence of one condition tends to increase the risk and severity of the other and vice versa. Thus, removal of infectious agents and inflamed tissues by endodontic treatment is an important measure for those patients. There are strategies for planning endodontic treatment, such as: patients’knowledge about being diabetic, the severity of the disease and its degree of control, patient risk classification, as well as stress and anxiety reduction, choice of anesthetic, antimicrobial therapy, and concern with drug interactions.

Tomazoli ATP, Endo MS, Pavan NNO. The implications of diabetes mellitus in Endodontics. Dental Press Endod. 2018 May-Aug;8(2):47-52. DOI: //


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