An interview with Clovis Monteiro Bramante

V08N03 | 2018 | Interview | Pages 8 to 11

Murilo Priori Alcalde, Clovis Monteiro Bramante

» Degree in Dentistry from the School of Dentistry, Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), Campinas, Brazil (1962).
» Doctorate in Endodontics from University of São Paulo (USP, 1972).
» Assistant Professor (1992), Lecturer (1983) and Full Professor (1992) at USP.
» Associate-Dean of the Bauru School of Dentistry, (FOB-USP) (1998-2002).
» Author of 16 books of Endodontics and 46 chapters in books about Endodontics.
» Has published 364 papers in Brazilian and international journals.
» Has given courses and lectures in 15 countries.
» Was awarded the Dr. Luis César Pannain Medal of Honor in Endodontics (1985).
» Outstanding Professor of 1988 in Dentistry in Bauru, Brazil (1988).
» Honorary Member of the Paraguayan Society of Endodontics (1990).
» Antônio Rothier Duarte Endodontic Merit Award, from the Brazilian Association of Endodontics (1992).
» José Gustavo de Paiva Merit Award from the Brazilian Group of Endodontics Professors (1994).
» Honorary Member of the College of Surgeons of Guadalajara, Mexico (1995).
» Honorary Professor of the Pedro Henrique Ureño National University, Dominican Republic (1995).
» Person of the Year of the 500th Anniversary of Brazil, granted by the Cultural and Entrepreneurial Integration Center, State of São Paulo, Brazil (2000).
» Dr. Augusto Motta Borges Merit Award, Ceará Chapter of the Brazilian Association of Endodontics (2000).
» Dr. Antonio Martins Jr Merit Award, Brazilian Association of Dentistry, State of Rio de Janeiro (2001).
» Special Tribute from the Health Ministry of Chile, Higueras Hospital, Chile (2008).
» Honorary Member of the Mexican Academy of Endodontics (2008).
» Honorary Professor of the Santa Maria Catholic University (Arequipa, Peru) (2014).
» One of the professors with the most citations in the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities (2015).
» Honorable Award granted by the Brazilian Society of Endodontics, São Paulo (2017).

Bramante CM, Alcalde MP. An interview with Clovis Monteiro Bramante. Dental Press Endod. 2018 Sept-Dec;8(3):8-11. DOI: